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Sushi artist
"Sushi artist"
Olympus E-P2 with M.Zuiko 17mm
1/25s, f/5.6, ISO 200

Executing the usual after-work on-the-way-home grocery store task at a Publix near home, I'm picking up a short list of items for tonight's supper as well as tomorrow night's. I happened to be at the back of the store next to the meat section when I spotted this guy preparing what I think is sushi. I'm certainly no expert (my girls are the actual experts). I prefer my fish grilled with just a touch of butter and lemon. But whatever this guy was doing, it looks beautiful. It's almost enough to make me try it.


I asked the guy if I could take his photo while he worked, and he was quick to say yes. It's always a good idea to ask. I can live with 'no'.


  1. Very nioce shot. I always ask permission, too. Very rarely get a "no".


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