Those Other Guys

I'm going to talk a little bit about two other photography blogs I follow on a semi-regular basis; Kirk Tuck's and Will Overbeek's. I'm going to mention them this week because of the photography that has appeared on both. But first, Kirk's...
"Belinda at Hang Town."
by Kirk Tuck

And then Will's...

"Pinetop Perkins Bluesman"
by Will van Overbeek

Wildly differing in technique, the period in which they were taken, and the equipment used, they never-the-less are bound by a common thread; they are subtly powerful studies of real human beings.

No heavy retouching intrudes into these photographs. The subject's real character is allowed to shine forth. I try very hard in my own photography to be as unique as possible, which is mighty hard, considering that I've been swimming in a visual firehose for as long as I can remember. But if I can be forgiven just this once, I have to say this is the type of photography I aspire to, at least every once in a while. Photographs of real people taken in such a way that they reach through the medium of photography and communicate, if silently, with the viewer.


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