Morning Speed Trap

Morning Speed Trap
"Morning Speed Trap"
Olympus E-3 with Zuiko Digital 50-200mm
1/800s, f/3.5, ISO 400, 200mm

On a tree-lined boulevard heading into work this morning, as I crested a small hill on north-bound Apopka/Vineland, I passed an Orange County sheriff, dressed in his brightest yellow-green vest, carefully targeting oncoming traffic with his trusty radar gun.

And I was prepared. I now carry my trusty E-3 with the Digital Zuiko 50-200mm constantly mounted on the body and sitting shotgun, so that I can quickly pull over to the side of the road if need be, grab the camera, step out, and take his picture while he's busy taking everybody elses.

That's what I like about that combination. It's heavy enough to be stable, and the 2x crop factor gives me an effective focal length of 400mm. That allows me to take the photo without getting to close and risking harassment, or worse.

The last thing I need is to be accused of interfering with police duties, but there's nothing to stop me from taking photographs of a public activity on a public thoroughfare. And I do this because I get sick and tired of the cyclical speeding traps. And it's not just on the side of the road. I counted four more pull-overs traveling east-bound on the 408 as well. One was FHP, and the rest were local (city/county) law enforcement.

Speed Trap: Wise Guys
"Speed Trap: Wise Guys"
Olympus E-3 with Zuiko Digital 50-200mm
1/250s, f/3.5, ISO 100, 200mm

And they don't seem to care. If I'm noticed I'll get stony looks, except in this one instance, where two of the three waved back. The officer on the right (the one not waving) is generally typical of the response I get. Which suits me. If it doesn't bother them then I don't mind documenting what I consider a waste of time and money all the way around.

Orange County Speed Trap 24 March 2010
"Orange County Speed Trap 24 March 2010"
Olympus E-3 with Zuiko Digital 50-200mm
1/4000s, f/4, ISO 400, 200mm

For whatever reason, Orange County loves to stake out the intersection of Corporate and Quadrangle Blvds. They'll either line up three or four motorcycles or cars (cars in this instance) and pick off the drivers coming west down Corporate.

Dribbled Swastika
"Dribbled Swastika"
Olympus E-P2 with M.Zuiko 14-42mm
1/125s, f/3.5, ISO 200, 14mm

It's more fun picking off speeders, and more lucrative. Orange County can't be bothered to find out who the vandals were that poured paint in the crude shape of a swastika on the street in front of my driveway last November 21st. They came out, took some photos for their scrapbook, and then took off. The only time I see them is when they're trying to pry cash out of my wallet while they're operating one of their speed traps.


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