A Typical Monday

Trashing up the landscape (38/365)
"Trashing up the landscape"
Olympus E-3 with Zuiko Digital 50-200mm
1/200s, f/5, ISO 200, 83mm
In a town with double-digit unemployment and empty storefronts, we're still knocking down trees and throwing up new, soon-to-be-empty new and improved storefronts.

Weird weather in the Orlando area; windy, cold, and spitting rain, the kind of small showers that drop big, cold drops of rain. Not much of a challenge for the E-3 or the 50-200mm weather wise or light wise.

All this activity is taking place across the street from Waterford Lakes, on property right next to the post office operations center on Alafaya. There's nothing around the building to indicate who the new tenant might be.


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