Blimp on a Mission
"Blimp on a Mission"
Olympus E-3 with ZD 50-200mm
1/800s, f/4, ISO 200, 200mm
It's been a long week, and I'm glad it's the start of a three-day weekend. Earlier in the week I wrote about the MetLife blimp at the Executive airport (Helium Head). This evening, about five minutes away from home, I spotted it slowly flying overhead. I pulled off and managed to grab a few shots before finishing the trip home.

I like this photo for a number of reasons. First is the dramatic cloud cover above the blimp. It was late evening, before the sun had gone down completely. The clouds provide a nice background while the lowering sun provides dramatic lighting on the blimp.

IKEA Early Valentines (14/365)
"IKEA Early Valentines"
Olympus E-P2 with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 + DMW-MA1
1/640s, f/2, ISO 400
Later in the evening the wife and I went out and had our usual at the local Chipotle's. After that, we drove over to IKEA to pick up some odds and ends. While there I wondered about the area beyond the checkouts, and found a section selling Nordic valentine products. It isn't just IKEA, it's everywhere. I get tired of commercial interests jumping the gun on every holiday (Easter, Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas) in an effort to maximize sales. This year, Valentine's day is February 14th. I can remember that, and I'm capable of picking something out without everybody shoving constant reminders in my face. And in essence, ruining the spontaneity and mood of the day.

The weekend beckons. Hopefully I'll have the time to get out more widely and find interesting subjects to photograph.


  1. Actually, it's February 14th, not 16th.

  2. You're right. I had another February date on my mind when I wrote this.


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