January Final

408 (31/365)
Olympus E-P2 with OM 50mm 1:1.4
1/2000s, f/8, ISO 400

I said when I started this that there would be a motley collection of images to come parading across these posts, that they'd probably look like crap. This post's image shows I'm keeping my promise.

When I left work today I drove south on Alafaya and then turned right onto Lake Underhill and followed it to Andes. I wanted to drive slowly enough to make sure I didn't miss anything on the way home, and Andes is the back road into the Executive Airport holding area for the blimps.

I got to the area, but it was empty. I felt a bit forlorn, which is a silly emotion to feel about a blimp not being there, but there you are. As I was driving back down Andes and under the 408, I happened to look up and see the dramatic light and shadow playing on the expressway as sundown approached. I liked it.

I used to look for scenes like this when I was in art school. I loved to draw in charcoal and pastels on fine toothed paper. This takes me back a few decades.


This is my 43rd entry for the month of January. There's only one other month that has more entries: April 2006. Nearly five years ago. Back then I was writing heavily about Linux and its various distributions that I liked, the high and getting higher cost of gas, how Microsoft was so bad, and how Nokia's 770 was terrible.

Looking back five years it pains me to believe I wrote what I wrote in the way I wrote it. It's too late to remove it; I'm sure that there's a copy in some internet archive somewhere. But I doubt anyone would care enough to go digging it up.

The discipline of forcing myself to shoot at least one photo a day and then write at least one entry a day has actually been therapeutic. After a half-century of stupidly painful self-awareness, I'm finally learning to actually leave it behind. I no longer worry about what to write about; I just keep to the schedule, take the photograph, and then work to turn a photographic sow's ear into something approaching a silk purse. The critics be damned.

So, more of the same for the rest of 2011. The 365 project group I'm a part of has weekly themes. Up to this point I've ignore them, but I think I'll start following them now. This week's is bokeh. I get to work on my blurry technique. It should be fun.


  1. love the 50 ... wish I'd bought a 100mm back when I used full frame. Its shown me how much I like this lenght and effects


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