On the Road Again...

China Set (15/363)
"China Set"
Olympus E-P2 with MZ 17mm
1/1250s, f/4, ISO 200
Today I made a run up to Tallahassee to visit daughter #2 and deliver a few creature comforts to her. Before today I would take the turnpike from Orlando north to I-75, then I-75 north to I-10, then west on I-10 to Tallahassee. Today I traveled up SR 27. I didn't choose 27 to save time, but to travel through a section of Florida that is all but unknown to me.

The photo above was taken in Williston, a town on 27 about half-way between Ocala at I-75 to the east and Chiefland on 27 to the west. It was a window setting with some antiques looking out onto 27. It was part of an old bank, Citizens, that was converted into an antique shop. It appears to be closed now and pretty much gutted, with paint peeling from the exterior wood trim.

I saw quite a few interesting photo ops all along 27; I hope to photograph as many as I can on the way back to Orlando.

I left my regular notebook with Lightroom 3.3 installed on it at home, instead using a small white MacBook with Olympus Master 2 installed. The image above, while shot as raw on the E-P2, was simply converted to JPEG on the MacBook and scaled down before uploading to Flickr. No additional processing. I'll be doing this until I get back to Orlando and can run everything I'm taking this weekend through Lightroom 3.3. Or maybe I'll just leave this particular photo as is. I love the faded pastels in the afghan cover as well as the subtle texture. I like the way it came out of the camera.

The photo, with it's reflected overlay of the street scene in back and the lighting on the crocheted afghan cover, tends to exhibit a certain degree of surealism.


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