Nattering Nabob of Narcissism

Chimping the Chimp (008:2011)
"Chimping the Chimp"
Olympus E-P2 with ZD 50mm and MMF-1 adapter
1/160s, f/3.2, ISO 800, -1.3 EV

Several more self portraits. I figure if I can (figuratively speaking) learn how to put lipstick on this particular pig and make it look good in spite of itself, then I can create a decent portrait with just about anybody.

Historical footnote: the blog title is stolen from Spiro Agnew's "nattering nabobs of negativism" comment he first used during his address to the California Republican state convention in San Diego on September 11, 1970. That entertaining phrase didn't spring from Agnew's intellect unaided; it was written by Agnew's and Nixon's speech writer at the time, William Safire.

Dr. Evil
"Dr. Evil"
Olympus E-P2 ZD 50mm and MMF-1 adapter
1/640s, f/3.2, ISO 800, -2 EV

This second photo reminded me of a late-1960's hideous cross between Capt Kirk (Shatner) and Mr. Spock (Nimoy), what with the fleshy face and over-arching eyebrows. And the t-shirt I'm wearing with its narrow dark collar reminds me of those Star Trek TOS shirts they used to wear. I wonder if they'll have glasses in the 23rd century?

I deliberately choose black and white (or something approaching sepia tone) and dialed up the contrast to drop all detail out of the background.


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