Mama Always Told Me Not to Look Into the Eyes of the Sun

But mama, that's where the fun is!
On axis Red Dots of Doom
Here they are, the RED DOTS OF DOOM. Taken with my brand new E-PL2 and the M.Zuiko 14-42mm II kit lens. In the top two photos the kit lens was stopped down to f/16 and exposure compensation was set to -2EV to darken the surrounding sky and enhance the RED DOTS OF DOOM. The last photo was taken with the kit zoom wide open at 42mm and no exposure compensation in order to show the RED GLARE OF DOOM.

I did this because it came up, yet again, via The Online Photographer. This was a good year-and-a-half after Kirk Tuck's post about the issue in January 2011. Is this a real problem? NO! I know I'm plagiarizing Kirk when I say this, but Get Over It.
Off axis Red Dots of Doom
Off axis Red Glare of Doom


No post process was used in any way, shape, or form on these photos. All taken straight out of the camera (or SOOC for you persnickety types). No, the only special technique was for some damn fool to go and point his camera straight overhead at the hot Florida sun during lunchtime.


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