Brief Moments Downtown

Opening Up
One of our Saturday stops was at the Obama campaign headquarters at 1516 East Colonial to pick up tickets for First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to the University of Central Florida this coming Tuesday, July 10th. They started giving tickets to anyone who wanted one starting at 3pm. We arrived two hours later to find a lull. We were lucky to arrive when we did; as we filled out the paperwork to get our tickets folks started lining up behind us.
Getting Tickets
That staff wasn't just giving out tickets, but helping with voter registration as well. Thanks to our "governor" Rick Scott and our rubberstamp Republican state legislature, Florida voter registration has been turned into an absolute mess. Hopefully those who have been registered will be allowed to vote this November.

In case you're curious, the Obama campaign headquarters are located in a building next door to the little Penguin Power mobile. This "specialized" van has been sitting here for years, but this paint job is fairly recent and quite colorful.
Penguin Power


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