The Things You See When Driving About

Under the Overpass

In the midst of tooling around downtown Orlando I stopped at various random locations and grabbed a few photographs of the city, two of which I decided to post here. The top photograph is both lanes of I-4 over South Division Avenue. I parked a short distance away at In Bloom Florist's parking lot, leaving the engine to  the Prius running and my wife inside in case she needed to make a quick getaway. I walked back down Division looking for a good spot and quickly found this one, on the south bound side looking north.

I knew that the E-P2's sensor wouldn't have the full dynamic range necessary to show detail in the outside light, so I exposed for the underside of the bridge and in post pushed the highlights to full overexposure. I rather like it this way in black and white; it adds something ominous to the overall atmosphere.

Nitesol Daft Punk

On the way back east on I-4 to Colonial (on the way to the Nissan dealership) I passed what I now think is the back delivery to Nitesol, "a studio-based company that specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of large-format prints and signage." When I first saw it I thought it was an entrance to a trendy twenty-something techno nightclub. I'm pretty sure that's Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk, so you'll forgive me for thinking at first it was so sort of Euro-techno club. Every time I hear or see Daft Punk, I have these odd flashbacks to the early 1970's and Kraftwerk's "Autobahn". I guess that dates me, but I can't think of anything anymore that doesn't.


Taken with the Olympus E-P2, the top with the Panasonic 14mm, the bottom with the Panasonic 20mm. Both post-processed in Lightroom 4 Beta, the top further processed in Silver Efex Pro 2.


  1. Wonderful. Both of them. But that first one is a winner.


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