The Cult of Cat Continues

Not Another One

That little critter might look like Lucy, but it's not. My daughter's boyfriend decided he wanted a cat, so they went to a local animal shelter in Tallahassee to see what they had. Tallahassee shelters have a humane will-not-destroy rule about animals. They'll keep them until they find a home for them, however long it takes.

The shelter fixed this little girl kitten, but they used super glue on the outer incision. That seems to be a commonly accepted procedure, but the incision didn't stay shut with this little one, who opened it back up while cleaning herself. So they took her to a vet, who surgically stapled it back shut. Then, to make sure it healed as quickly as possible they bought the collar and put it on her.

They haven't decided on a final name for the kitten, but the one they're both leaning towards is Rocket, because of the way she goes flying around inside. The collar doesn't seem to slow her down.

So now my very extended family is involved with five cats. Three in Orlando, one in Gainesville, and now one in Tallahassee. It's a catspiracy.


  1. What a nice photo of Rocket, and of your daughter! The cat looks so highly alert you can actually feel it, and your daughter looks so relxed and calm - a perfect juxtaposition. "Well done" would be an understatement Bill!


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