Genghis Grill (It's What's For Supper)

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Doing something I thought I'd never do again after last May; traveling to Tallahassee. I'm up here to visit and help out a bit. Biggest changes are of course being out of the college apartment and living in a small rental house in a nice neighborhood with real neighbors instead of the rowdy crowd of undergraduates. There's talk now of finishing the minor art history degree (just two classes) and the possibility of graduate school. Maybe even teaching.

This is the second time I've been to Genghis Grill. The first time was last year. Genghis Grill is one of those restaurants where you "assemble" your meal. The first time I winged it, but tonight I followed the recipe for Thai chicken. In both cases I've had a very good meal.

DIY Dinner

Once you've assembled your meal with the ingredients and in the quantity you want, you then hand it off to one of the two grill cooks, who will grill it for you.

The Big Grill

You're given a number that you carry back to your table (that's a common feature at a number of restaurants such as Crispers) so that the waitress knows what table to bring your cooked food to. The green card was for appetizers (pot stickers), while the red cards are for our individual meals.


Everything taken with the venerable E-P2 and Pany 14mm, post in LR4.


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