So I Wrote This Blog Post Without a Title At First

The former Samba Room

Long day. One of the RHEL workstations lost its mind, or more specifically, its disk cluster in the middle of a critical application install that's part of a project I'm working on. As a consequence Linux insisted on dropping to a disk repair prompt due to a corrupted superblock. Crap. After a brief poking about I decided what the hell, I'll do a clean re-install. All the critical files and data were on separate physical volumes. Before I re-installed RHEL I physically detached the drives. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon between meetings and re-installing RHEL 6.2. By the time I left it was back up and running with the accounts in place. I'll finish re-attaching and mounting the data volumes in the morning.

It was 6pm by the time I left the office. Rather than go home and cook supper I punted. I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some fresh fruit, then Chipotle for a couple of burrito bowls and than I headed home. Along that circuitous route I passed the former Samba Room on Sandlake and took a look at what's happened to it since it went belly up last summer.

Interior reworking in the rounded section (above upper left)

Somebody's finally going in and refurbishing the place. The original building design is certainly distinctive and it's in a prime location in the Publix shopping center there on Sand Lake. I suspect it'll become another club, since there's already about a half dozen clubs and bars all up and down Sand lake between Apopka and International Drive. It'll be interesting to see what it reopens as.

Everything taken with the Olympus E-P2 and the Panasonic 14mm wide open at f/2.5 right before sundown, where there was plenty of warm sunlight. In post I dialed the highlights back -100 to pull as much detail as possible out of the highlights. On the upper photos I actually dialed down the color back a bit by setting vibrance to -50. On the bottom photo I got cute with a Lightroom preset, Yesteryear 2. Blacks were dialed back -75 to deepen the shadows in the back of the room.


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