Breakfast with a 14

Morning Muffins

Out for a quick pick-up of a baker's dozen of bagels. I carry the E-P2 with me where-ever I go, usually with one of the pancakes on it. This morning it was the Panasonic 14mm. As I stood in the queue waiting to pay for my bagels I passed in front of the cases containing these walnut muffins and cinnamon twists. Once upon a time I used to eat these with abandon, but not so much anymore.

Morning Twists

I shoot aperture preferred auto the majority of the time. This morning I was shooting at f/2.5, with the 14mm wide open. I keep the E-P2 on auto ISO and limit the range between 200 and 800. The E-P2's programming always defers to the lowest ISO possible, followed by the shutter speed, in deference to the aperture. The E-P2 selected ISO 200 for both of those photos. It did what I would have done if I manually selected the ISO.

I squared those photos in post. In the top photo the original center is the tray of walnut muffins; cropping I shifted it to the left. The lower photo has the center of the photo shifted left too, but not as much as the upper. In spite of this I find the image sharp and crisp where it should be.

I'm glad I got the Pen, and I'll always have one at hand for as long as I can continue to photograph the world. If I have to give up any of my Olympus cameras, I'll give up the DSLRs before I give up the Pen.


  1. I'm having a hard time sleeping this evening, so I thought I would post a comment on your blog. :-) (Actually, I'm working on organizing photos in Lightroom, and decided to a bit of break.)

    Anyway, yesterday at the local camera store, I was able to pick-up and handle an Olympus E-PL3 for the very first time today, and was amazed at how tiny that thing is! I've handled many of the earlier incarnations of the Pens, and have been impressed with them, but the E-PL3 was like a smartphone with a 14-42 lens attached. And that's not an exaggeration.

    A camera that small, with a sensor as large as 4/3, with those wonderful Olympus colors would certainly be something I would take with me where ever I go. I've long considered getting an E-PM1 for that very reason, which is just a bit smaller than the E-PL3, and a lot less expensive: $500 compared to $700 at the camera shop.

    However, I've decided to take a pass for now, as I have some other priorities that have been taking up my time and resources, namely a return to film based photography, which I'm really enjoying.

    But I would highly recommend the current crop of Pens to anyone looking for a small, durable and extremely high quality camera that you can take with you almost as easily as a smart phone.


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