Still Diggin'


They're still moving earth, and lots of it, on the property next to the Burger King on University. They've completely transformed the lay of the land. There's a lot of fill dirt and no indication this was wetlands before they started. This morning I found three machines at work in the area moving dirt from where it was lying to where it was supposed to be. Traffic's been tied up in the area with large dump trucks hauling dirt into and out of this area and the much smaller one across the street.




I had very mixed emotions photographing this today. I'm still in a state of morning over the destruction of green space and habitat. But perversely I much enjoyed photographing the three machines with the E-3 and 50-200mm, not because I liked what they were doing, but because I could tell/feel I was getting some pretty good photos without having to chimp every other exposure. The E-3 and 50-200mm is a sweet handling combination in the right light, and today, mid-morning, the light was sweet and hitting at the right angle.


Top photo taken with an Olympus E-P2 and Panasonic 14mm. Bottom three with an E-3 and 50-200mm. All post processing with Lightroom 4.


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