Tax Time 2012

I Can Park Anywhere!It is, for me, that time of the year when I report to my accountant and begin the short but painful process of getting last year's expenses in order so that I can pay the rest of my taxes. I can't remember the last time I got something back; it's all I can do to stay within the law to keep my payment on April 17th as low as possible. So I have to pull all my receipts and make sure I've accounted for all legal itemized deductions.

First stage is to take all the official documentation in, such as my W2 and my kids 1098t (college) and all the other official bits of required by the government. I then get a list of all I need to finish up (a burn-down tax list), then send that all in to him electronically.

Finally, I'll show up at his place, pick up the printed out forms, write two checks (a big one to the government, a much smaller one to him) and say goodbye until this same time next year.

On days such as this I go out for a bit of what Robin Wong calls "photo therapy." So I headed downtown to walk about a bit round city hall and see how far the new Dr. Phillips Art Center is coming along.

I parked in front of city hall, in the EV charging slot, the parking slot that is always filled with anything but an EV when it is filled, and went out a bit to look around. I wasn't gone long, maybe 15 minutes top. When I returned I found this parking enforcement cart parked right behind my little Prius. I thought "Great. A parking ticket." But no, no ticket stuck under the windshield wiper. But no parking enforcement person around either. Just the empty cart. What makes this humorous is city hall has marked off this area, which is two car lengths long, for press vehicles only. Strictly enforced, of course. And guess where this little bug was sitting?

When I took the photo I didn't realize it but I had one-person audience. When I was getting in the driver's side to drive away, I happened to look in his direction. He gave me two-thumbs-up and a big grin for me having captured this moment.


There is plenty activity happening, but nothing quite photo-worthy, especially when you've got chain-length fence blocking off what's currently a big hole in the ground. But I was able to grab something that represents the construction going on the site. Nothing inspiring, but in the long term, as I build up my collection of this area, it will eventually fit right in.

Dead Once Again

This was taken earlier in the day on the side of town where I work. This was a former Donato's Pizza that died the great Donato's Death back in 2009. About a year later this Thai restaurant came in, then about six months or so later somebody tacked on the Indian part of the sign so that it became "Thai - Indian Cuisine" restaurant. But I guess nobody wanted either Thai or Indian, and it went the way of all flesh. Now it's boarded up and the target of poorly talented graffiti spreaders.


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