That didn't take long

Phooey On You

Ruby likes to sleep with the tip of her tongue sticking out. Except in this photo she's just waking up. Looks like she's giving me a raspberry. Raw processed in Lightroom.

Late Night at Pei-Wei

Late Thursday night at Pei-Wei. Picked up an order of sesame chicken and brown rice. Processed in Lightroom from raw.

I keep bouncing back and forth between JPEG and raw processing. Every time I pull JPEG out of the camera and then look at it a little closely (not even 100%) I keep seeing speckles and mud-like artifacts in the shadows. If I run the raw through Lightroom I get clean shadows. I might get grain, but I can live with grain. I just can't abide the "mud" that the Olympus JPEG engine produces in the shadows. I'm getting some prints made so I can see if there's any difference between the in-camera produced JPEGs and the Lightroom produced JPEGs. I'm also going to adjust the settings a bit to truly match what the E-P2 produces. I should have done this a while back, but I didn't know any better.

So I guess I will continue to work with RAW, but leave everything else the same in-camera. Maybe change the default settings in Lightroom as well.


  1. Good photos, Bill. And the same here, with what you describe as your new workflow: I'm still shooting both raw & jpg with my E-520, and process the raws with a virtualized Windows7 (only 1.5GB RAM), and running Olympus Viewer 2 in it. So I more or less process "in camera", but later.

    The one thing I cannot warm up to is in-camera (or in-OV2) sharpening; for this and for the prevention of clipping highlights or shadows, and also for slight adjustments to curves I additionally fire up Raw Therapee on Linux - after saving the output of OV2 as 16 bit tiff.

    Complicated? Naah, not really. Once you get the hang of it, it's a matter of minutes for a couple of photos which are probably worth it. And yes, that also includes "documentary" pictures for my blog.


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