Studies in Light

Light Study

Today was a wonderful weather day in Orlando. A cool front had flowed down from the north and cleaned out all the clouds and humidity, leaving the day bright, clear, and wonderfully cool. With the G.Zuiko 50mm mounted on the E-P2, the lighting was perfect for that romantic flair that the G.Zuiko is capable of producing.

I post processed this in Silver Efex Pro 2, choosing to emphasize the bright light by lightening the mid-tones and shadows. I've been on a dark contrast streak for far too long. The world is full of light and I've been trying to throttle it back too much.

I chose to tint the image as an ambrotype for the warmth and to further the light-infused effect. I'm looking for more opportunities to use the G.Zuiko in this manner, and I''m looking for human subjects for a bit of portrait experimentation.


Olympus E-P2, ISO 100, OM G.Zuiko 50mm 1:1.4 at f/2. Post processed in Lightroom 3.5 and Silver Efex Pro 2.


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