Occupy Orlando, Day 2

Website: http://www.occupyorlando.org/
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/OccupyOrlandoFL

The wife and I attended the 11am service at First United Methodist in downtown Orlando. It's been some time since we felt spiritually moved to attend a service; we've been searching for quite some time. We were reminded of First Methodist on Saturday when we drove downtown for the Occupy Orlando march. We made the decision when we saw it Saturday to attend today.

After the service we drove north on Magnolia to the Senator Beth Johnson Park. We decided to check on Occupy Orlando, and see if they were indeed setting up camp. When I got there around 12:30 I found several dozen young people quietly beginning to set up. There were some signs about, and some were preparing more, but overall a quiet and peaceful vignette.

Occupy Orlando

Group Dynamics


Occupy Orlando

I found it interesting that it was all young people who were in the park. Once again it goes to show that if you want real change you have to turn to the young. They have yet to become tainted by the same material world influences that blind and morally corrupt their elders.


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