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I've gone back to one camera (the E-P2) with one lens (the M.Zuiko 14-42mm Mk 1 kit lens) and JPEG straight out of the camera with no re-sizing or post processing. I've set color to natural and noise filter off. Exposure is checked with the histogram right slap in the bloody middle. Whatever comes out of the camera comes out of the camera. I've been getting wrapped around the axle lately over process, rather than photography. And I'm making myself miserable.

They're still trying to put up a multi-story building on Turkey Lake at the corner of Turkey Lake and Sand Lake Drives. All the floors are in, and they're building the walls. It all seems to be progressing at a reasonable rate, but the exterior looks very sloppy. There's what looks to be adhesive dripping down the exterior walls, which looks to be foam insulation panels over cinder block. The windows that are in place look to be thermopane. I haven't worked construction since my college years in the mid-70's, and it was all simple cinderblock and lumber.

Pre-built Garbage

You can compare this with the work site from April 2011. The foundation and pillars were just going in, and the crane was just beginning to get a real workout.

Monolith Construction 16 April 2011

Orlando Gas 1 Oct 2011

Gas has dropped back to 3.33/gallon regular here in O-town. It hasn't been that low since February, back when I was predicting $4/gallon or higher gas by the summer. It never got as high as that, and for the past month of September it's been dropping to the point it is today. And there were folks predicting even higher prices approaching $5/gallon. Obviously we were all wrong.

Now everybody is predicting a second recession. Especially some character from ECRI. Screw 'em all. They got us into this mess, and they keep setting up gloom and doom scenarios all the time about how a second recession is just around the corner, or worse.

Parked and Waiting

Further down Turkey Lake is a long collection of road building equipment. I have no idea where they'll be used. There are no signs anywhere indicating future road work.


This machine struct me as a mini sandcrawler from the original Star Wars movie. It's a Roadtec RX-700 half-lane milling machine. It's design to mill the roadway top off and move it into a dump truck for carting away. So I guess they're getting read to re-pave a road, but again, I don't know where.


I'm back to documenting my life in Orlando, and pulling away form the artsy-fartsy side of photography. I'm back to telling a stories with photos attached, as boring as they may be. I'll probably use Lightroom again, if for no other reason than to trim the size of the photos down a bit. But I'm off of Olympus raw for a while.


  1. So you're shooting at 1024 x 678?

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by that. The photos in this post were the largest sized JPEGs possible out of the E-P2, or 4032 x 3024 (the exception is photo taken with the E-1 and post processed down to 1600 x 1200).


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