After Action Review: My Coverage of Occupy Orlando vs Big News


Occupy Orlando Facebook link:

I went looking on some of the Big News sites (see the list below) to check on the coverage of yesterday's march. With only one exception, they were flaccid at best. The one exception was, interestingly enough, the Orlando Sentinel. They put up a video (!) that was better than the regular TV stations. If I had to rank the TV stations (and they were all pretty rank), the second tier channels TV13 and Fox35 seem to be in a race to the bottom. If you want up-to-date news, that's what social media like Occupy Orlando's Facebook link are all about.

I no longer have any fear that my work, as an amateur, isn't good enough compared with the commercial outlets. My work is as good, if not considerably better than what I can find. I'm not the only one producing higher quality work than the local channels. I see incredibly better work (certainly better than mine) on Flickr and Vimeo and Smugmug, to name but three. I don't watch any local channels anymore because of the poor quality writing and producing. Local Orlando television, especially news reporting, is pretty much the pits these days.

Orlando Sentinel: Occupy Orlando demonstrators continue protest overnight at park, plan to resume today

WESH (Channel 2): Occupy Orlando Protesters March Downtown

WFTV (Channel 9): Hundreds flock to downtown Orlando to march in Occupy Orlando rally

TV13: 'Occupy' Florida protesters march in Central Florida

Fox35: Occupy events sweep the state


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