Goofing off

Sometimes you play with an image in post, sometimes you play with an image in camera.

Man in a Box

The top image was an accident (many would say that about all my photos...) As I was headed down to the street in the elevator, I was flipping the camera around in my hands so that the camera was lens up. At that moment I hit the shutter release. No big deal. When I got home and pulled it off the flash card, I sorta liked what happened. But then I decided to really screw around with the image in Lightroom just to see what I could do with it. I was trying to get a 1950's/X-Files horror/science fiction look, but I'm not sure. My balding forehead and thinning hair added an interesting halo effect.

Lab Dreams

While fixing supper the Labs decided to do what they do best, which is lay about the floor hoping I'll drop something for them to snack on. No such luck tonight. Between preparing the meal and then waiting for it to cook, I stalked them as they lay about, trying to get something that captures their "relaxed" manner. Unlike the top photo, this one of Ruby was done completely in the E-P2 using the soft focus art filter and setting the focus square off the the right to focus on Ruby's little wet nose.


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