Using E-P2 Art Filters - Grainy Film Part 2

My route home can take me past UCF south down Alafaya, or east from Corporate across Alafaya to Gemini Blvd, which will carry you past the UCF Arena and the intersection of East Plaza and Gemini. I decided to take the road less traveled through UCF. I turned onto East Plaza, parked, walked around, and snapped a few more photos with the E-P2 in grainy film art filter mode.

Roadway Hieroglyphs

Architecture lends itself to black and white because of the large, straight-edged planes that make up building shapes. The drama is enhanced by dropping exposure by -1 EV. For photos that include blue skies, the skies turn an interesting black which enhances the brighter tones and textures of the buildings themselves.



Future Cameras

It's funny I should talk about future Olympus cameras. I'm "invested" in regular 4/3rds and I'm not too happy about Olympus' handling of their regular 4/3rds line. As in mad as hell. Whatever...

I've not been impressed with the µ4/3rds models they've released after the E-P2. But if I were going to offer any advice about future Olympus cameras, I'd offer the suggestion that all of the art filters be highly configurable by the end users and that sufficient processing power be added to the µ4/3rds bodies so that using any of the filters won't slow up the act of capturing the image.


Everything taken with the E-P2 and M.Zuiko 17mm with the grainy film art filter. Exposure for all three was set to -1 EV to enhance overall contrast.


  1. Bill,

    I have discovered that with using the Olympus Viewer 2 software (a free download from Olympus, if you don't have it already), you can actually use art filters in post - plus it makes them "configurable" through all the additional options which a typical raw converter has to offer, like tone or gamma curve handling, and so on. It even brings some 3rd party enhancement tools which were obviously licensed by Olympus for use in that program.

    I installed it (together with a copy of Win7 Prof.) into a VirtualBox of 1.5GB, just to test it. And while I was testing it with my wife's E-PL1, I discovered the art filter thing - with using my E-520 these simply aren't offered.

    and cheers,


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