It's good to have a job

It's a slow slow slow slow meetingThe 2011 hurricane season started June 1st. The Florida fire season is running full tilt; I can smell the smoke from the burning in the morning as I get ready to head into work.

The days are typical Florida summer days, where the humidity matches the temperature, and both are in the low 90's.

The fence around Partnership 2 and 3 now extends around the IDE in Research Park. When I walk in these days the gate is still open but there's a security guard standing there now. I can understand having a security fence around the IDE, but the Partnership buildings have the UCF logo emblazoned on their sides. Tends to dampen the feeling of open education around these parts, but then I'm a bit old fashioned anyway.

I get to sit in a nice conference room, in air-conditioned comfort, with my rear planted in a Herman Miller Aeron chair (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). I remember a decade ago when having an Aeron chair was a high point of geek chic. Now everybody has them it seems.

Oh well. Back to work.



  1. Must be nice. I'm sitting in a crappy Office Depot fake exec chair that my cheap ass boss bought me trying to make my sales quota for the month before my boss and my wife freak out and read me the riot act.

    The air conditioning is iffy and there are no perks.

    There's a $5,000 deductible on the health plan which is a great incentive not to have a heart attack and no one is matching my 401K.

    I'm trying to decide between upgrading the video editing software or buying new running shoes and training clothes for my child who wants to run cross country for his school.

    All the while I'm praying that my 2003 Honda Element
    with 85,000 miles last another year or two with no big repairs. But I don't know why I'm praying for that because then my kid will be going to college and I"ll never be able to afford another new car ever again, in my life......

    Have a nice day.

  2. If it will make you feel a tiny bit better, it was a fake Aeron chair, not a real one.


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