You Tell 'Em, Fidel!

There are times where you just can't make this stuff up.

From The Guardian, 25 Jan 2012

Fidel Castro attacks 'idiocy and ignorance' of US Republican race

Fidel Castro has lambasted the Republican presidential race as the greatest competition of "idiocy and ignorance" the world has ever seen, and also criticised the news media and foreign governments for seizing on the death of a Cuban prisoner to demand greater respect for human rights.

Castro's comments came in a long opinion piece carried by official media two days after a Republican debate in Florida presented mostly hardline stances on what to do about the Communist-run island.

Cuba has become an important issue as the candidates court Florida's influential Cuban-American community in an effort to win the biggest electoral prize so far in the primary season.

Castro said he had assumed the candidates would try to outdo each other on the issue of Cuba, but nonetheless he was appalled by the level of debate.

"The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalised and expansive empire is – and I mean this seriously – the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been," he wrote.


  1. Well said, Bill, and Fidel. And we do the same here in Europe, especially here in Germany, where we feverishly and almost religiously copy all those American errors. And some of them, we even try to "improve" with more idiocy.

    There's hope tho, with so many protesters among the young generation. Especially those "Occupy" movements, or the protest against the "World Summits" (of the top ten or twenty idiot countries) give me some kind of hope, sometimes.

  2. I agree with Fidel! We should send those candidates to Guantanamo :)

  3. Show me where the current "leader" is doing better. I mean in both America and Cuba!


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