Lunch with a Big Big Pig

Chow Time
The Lucky Pig

Preparing for the trip to Atlanta, I headed out for a rare lunch trip to pick up some travel money from the bank, and then stopped off at the local Bubbalou's for a Big Big Pig (pork) and a large foam cup of Luzianne tea (unsweetened). Then I sat in a corner and chowed down.

This Bubbalou's is pretty big (the biggest of the three I've eaten in, I think). They've added the Luck Pig bar as well as enhanced the overall interior. And it's a good thing because this Bubbalou's seems to stay pretty packed, at least around lunch time.

I don't normally come here due to its location, and that's a good thing, or else I'd eat here all the time, and as good as the food is, that would be a bad thing for my diet. In particular I go to Bubbalou's when I want to break training and eat french fries with lots of Heinz catsup, BBQ sauce, and lean pork.

Oh well, back to work, then later tonight a ten hour bus trip to Atlanta. More to come.


  1. 10 hour bus trip? Oh wow. I'm glad that in Europe we still have a good railway system...


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