Carrying on with my moon-somewhere-in-the-frame photo series.

Moonrise 1

Moonrise 2

Long work days in the winter provide an opportunity to experience early moonrise well before final sundown. The first image, although it looks very dark, was taken at 4 in the afternoon with the M.Zuiko 40-150 R on the E-P2. In post I added 40% red filtration to dramatically darken the sky. The photo was taken right in front of my office building, sighting over a tall crepe myrtle that had gone to seed but had yet to be pruned for the coming spring.

The second was taken later in the evening as I was about to head into a 6pm meeting. That meeting is for a volunteer group I belong to.

All of this made for a long, long day. Here it is, with me not even back to work a full week, and I already feel like Christmas was months ago, not last week. I'm definitely going to need a lot more camera therapy in 2012 than I had in 2011.


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