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My Dad

My Mom

My dad is not a retired CIA counterintelligence officer (Delta, aeronautical engineer, 44 years), doesn't give lie detector tests (doesn't need to, after raising four kids he knows when you're lying), and is actually a pretty nice guy in spite of having raised four kids.

My mom is equally nice, but is the classic southern steel magnolia, the center of the family that binds and the power that keeps us on the (reasonably) straight and narrow. Although I tower over my mom and I'm twice her weight, I wouldn't dare to harm a sacred hair on her head. And neither would anyone else in the family.

They will both turn 80 later this year, which makes each of these trips up to Atlanta more and more important. While I expect to see them both for quite a few more years, life, if anything, is unpredictable. So I take the time to travel and visit and tell them I still love them very much.


Both were taken with the E-P2 and M.Zuiko 45mm. I took my dad's while we were sitting in a room in the house and I was demonstrating the camera and lens to him (my dad has been an Olympus user since he purchased his first OM-1). It was a casual act (the photograph), but I liked the results. The photo of my mom was made in essentially the same relaxed way while were were talking this morning. The way she is holding her hands and looking over them is one of her classic (to me) mannerisms.


  1. I think the photo of your father is exquisite. Well done! I also like the photo of your mother but that 'Dad' pic sings to me.

  2. Time- and priceless captures, Bill, well done! Thanks for sharing.


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