Whimsical Tuesday

The Moon and the Merry-Go-Round
First day back at work. Quiet but intense. Driving home I had to stop by a local Home Depot and pick up an oil-filled room heater for the back of the house. The temperature's headed down to freezing or the upper 20s, depending on where you live in the metro area. Since I'm on the south west side near Universal, the temperature will stay a little higher than than the northern sections, especially around UCF and Sanford.

The Home Depot I visited is near Waterford Lakes. This Christmas a small circus set up in the parking lot in the back of the Waterford Lakes. When I drove past their area they were in the process of packing everything up and heading on out.

The ferris wheel was the last ride still completely up. I thought I'd park nearby and grab a few shots as the crew were packing up. I didn't find much of interest until I looked up and happened to see the half moon hanging over the wheel.

I can remember riding something very similar when I was a little kid growing up in Atlanta. And I can remember seeing the moon like this and imagining I could somehow ride the ferris wheel to the moon.

If it were only that simple.


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