Ruby Tuesday with Mr. Moo

Today was a holiday for me because my company recognizes Veteran's Day. This one snuck up on me. In all the years I've worked, my current company is the only company to recognize the holiday as a day off. After three years I'm still not used to having it off.

I've been on travel for the majority of the week so I spent it catching up with work around the house. Among other tasks I cleaned up and straightened and took Lucy to the vets to have her annual checkup. That was an interesting little adventure.

Lucy balked a bit going into her carrier, and talked all the way over to the vets. After they started to examine her and give her her shots, she tried desperately to go back into her carrier to be left alone. When the exam was finished she made a bee-line into the safety of her carrier. We heard barely a peep out of her all the way back home.

All the animals missed me. All last night and into today all of them visited me where-ever I happened to be for some sort of interaction. Ruby, for example, loves to come up to me with one of her toys to play retrieve. It's real simple: I toss and she retrieves. She lets me know she's ready to start by dropping a toy on the floor and then sitting next to it, giving me the woeful look. "Would you please play with me? Please?" she seems to be saying. And of course I say "Sure". How can you resist such a look?

Taken with the Olympus E-P2 with the bog-standard M.Zuiko 17mm 1:2.8. Post processed in Lightroom 3.5 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.1. Special effects by Yellow Dog Effects House, Limited.


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