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My 15 Seconds of Fame

Via Michelle's Blog
What an interesting 24 hours, in which I've been blocked from following @wilw by @wilw on Twitter.

It all started around midnight of the 14th. While in my alter-ego as a statistically insignificant Usenet weenie, I fired up the aging Multivac down in the basement and logged onto the Internets (I would have been surfing the Information Superhighway sooner but it's getting really hard to find spare tubes for the old beast, and I needed to hunt around town a bit before I found a couple of replacement 12AX7As for the audio input preamp).

Once powered up it took a while to get the old girl to attach to Twitter. Ever since she accidentally discovered Simon Pegg (@simonpegg) on Twitter she's been somewhat erratic, asking spontaneously from time to time for a cricket bat. It was while I was reading the paper tape from @wilw's (Wil Weaton) tweets that I came across this
Me: Here's a post, G+. Google Plus: Hey! I'm going to Randomly Capitalize some Words, for Fun! Me: Um... G+: At Least I'm not Facebook!
To which I responded on the ASR-33
@wilw Google + is the new Wave.
To which he responded back some time later
@wbeebe4 *slow clap*
Now we should at this point bring up Wheaton's Law:
"Don't Be a Dick!"
to which Bill Willingham contributed Wheaton's Law Revised:
"Don't be a dick, but it's okay to play one on TV."
I suppose a further refinement might be
"Don't be a dick, but it's okay to act like one on Twitter, especially if you're Wil Wheaton."
It was at this point that a friend, Jamie McDonald (@sl33stak) got all excited because @wilw deigned to respond to my bad Wave pun/tweet by being a dick. I had to point out the negative significance of @wilw's slow clap tweet. It was about this point that the NYPD started to clean #OWS out of Zuccotti Park. Cries of first amendment violations started streaming across the twitterverse, and @wilw of course jumped right in tweeting and re-tweeting. To which I tweeted:
#ows So let me guess - One group of a$$holes, NYPD, is beating and abusing another group, #OWS. *slow clap* @wilw Where's my popcorn?
Then @wilw tweeted thus
Clearly, the 1% are afraid of the 99%. Good. They should be. Stay strong, everyone. Non-violent protest is our constitutional right. #ows
to which I responded
@wilw Hey old buddy, you're actually a part of that 1% yourself, or pretty close to it. But it all helps, even if it is lip service.
Which is probably the tweet that got me blocked.

Out of nearly two million fawning sycophants following @wilw, I guess the man-boy can't handle serious contrarian points of view. Or perhaps he's got some mighty thin skin. Whatever. It's amusing when One Guy can stand out among millions to generate such a response. After all, I'm just this guy, you know?


  1. I'm having a hard time typing because I keep having to wipe the tears from my eyes. To get into a twitter smackdown with Wesley Crusher and have him do the 'talk to the hand' routine is priceless.

    But at least – unlike that guy in the Nikon ads – he's allowed to be in charge of his own twitter account.


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