Big Red Ugly Truck in Tallahassee

Big Red Ugly TruckI don't normally write something this quickly, but in this case I'm making an exception.

We all met at the Cracker Barrel on Monroe and I-10 for a late breakfast. As I drove into the parking lot I noticed all the handicapped parking spots were taken.

Normally if the lot is full and spilling out into the side parking lot of the close hotel I don't give it much mind. But this morning the lot was lightly filled and there was a big red ugly truck sitting in one of the slots.
License TagWe did find a spot out in the regular lot, and my knee wasn't bothering me too much, so it wasn't much a deal walking in. Fortunately my wife was in pretty good shape this morning as well, so she didn't mind walking either.

As I passed the big red ugly truck I automatically checked the cab to see if it had a handicap hanger.

It didn't.

So I limped around to the back of the big red ugly truck to see if it had a regular handicap license.

It didn't.

So I fired up the Olympus E-P2 (which I always carry with me) and took the two shots you see. While I was taking the back shot of the tag the driver asked if I had "any interest" in the truck. I said yes, it was a big red ugly truck in a handicap spot with no permit. To which he curtly replied he had a "badge" in the cab.

I can only assume he meant he had it sitting on the dash, because it wasn't hanging from the center mirror like it's supposed to. After going into the Cracker Barrel I watched the driver standing and talking with one of his friends, then move with remarkable ease and climb up into the cab of his truck before driving off.

Up until this point I'd never heard of All In 1 Homes. After this, now that I have, I'll make sure to avoid them like the plague. And I intend to pass the same word of avoidance to everyone I know up here as well.


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