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It's Turning Cold. Time to Go Home.

Royal Purple and Red
Bright Leaves
Fall Trees
Berries for the Coming Winter

Last day at the office in Ann Arbor. Wouldn't you know it, the network into the company went down. The regular network to the rest of the world is still up, but I need connectivity with the mothership. So I grabbed the E-1 with the ZD 50mm and went out for some quick shutter therapy.

That's when The Cold really hit me. I'm not cold weather tolerant. I've spent nearly three decades living in Florida. I developed some tolerance while growing up in Georgia because the cold weather would cover Atlanta and surrounding areas for about three to four months in the winter. Cold in Atlanta meant down into the teens on occasion, sometimes for a solid week, as well as the occasional ice storm that snapped tree limbs and power lines, interrupting power to a lot of folks. One of my earliest memories as a child growing up in Atlanta was driving to my Aunt Perl's house one winter from our apartment. The power was off then, and my Aunt Perl had gas heat and a warm house for us to stay until power was restored. I distinctly remember looking up through the front windshield of our black Chevy and seeing icicles hanging from an overhead power line with its non-working traffic signal. Later in my life it was temperatures in the teens that heralded my exit from my attempt at professional photography and back to engineering school. Cold brings up odd memories for me.

But as much as I dislike the cold I love the colors of fall the further north you go. While peak fall colors have passed in the Detroit Michigan area, there's more than enough left to enjoy, especially for a thin-blooded Florida transplant visiting the cold, cold northlands.

Everything taken with the E-1 and ZD 50mm 1:2. All manual, eyeball-o-matic metering and chimpifier real-time in-camera corrections. Post processed with Lightroom 3.5 to suit the photographer's tastes.


  1. Absolutely beautiful fall pics Bill! I was just sitting here stressing out about work problems when I had a look at this post. These pictures brought a smile to my face, took me away to another place and for a short while made me forget about all my troubles.

  2. I'm glad I could be of service :) I need to get one of those Pany 20s for my E-P2. I keep looking at your work and Matthew Robertson's work, and I keep saying over and over "I want..."

    Here's a silly one. I wish there was a digital Pen with the E-1's sensor in it. I kid you not.


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