E-1 Experiment #5

Leaves Outside My Room - E-1 Experiment

Leaves Outside My Room - E-1 Experiment

I'm in Detroit on business, staying at a Holiday Inn in Ann Arbor. I'd started my trip from Orlando in the morning, arriving a little after noon in Detroit. I spent the rest of the day at a local office before checking in. By the time I'd checked in the time was just a few minutes after 5. Up north, it gets darker even earlier than it does down in Orlando. The image was taken fully manual, and I "guesstimated" exposure from several bracketed shots after chimping the results on the E-1's tiny and oft-maligned "inadequate" LCD. I've worked enough with the E-1 to correctly interpret what it's trying to show me, with or without the histogram. And no, I did not shoot to the right. I deliberately moved to the left. After all, I'm a leftist.

I took two cameras with me this trip, my Olympus E-P2 and E-1. The E-1 has the Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 mounted on it, and that's what I used to point down and take the photo out of my room. I wanted to see how the sensor would behave in low light with the ISO set to 100 and the Sigma stopped down to f/2. I tried wide several wide open but didn't get the depth of field I was looking for on the front matter. The view is down through a sycamore and into a gated area of the hotel with a pool. I deliberately focused on the leaves and limbs closest to me.

The color image at the bottom was the first to be post processed in Lightroom 3.5. The black and white was processed from the color in Silver Efex Pro 2.0.1.

I don't expect anyone other than me to like this. Depending on what kind of mood I'm in I either like the monochrome or the color. I think I'm going to be looking for more off-beat opportunities like this while I'm up here.


  1. Both versions are very interesting, Bill. I think the monochrome version would make a good print as well...


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