Super Moon 2012

Super Moon 5 May 2012 - OM Lens
Super Moon 5 May 2012 - ZD Lens
Well, I tried my little experiment tonight with the "super moon". The two photos, top to bottom, were taken as follows:
  1. Top photo, OM 4.5/300mm to MF-1 adapter to Olympus EC-14 to MMF-1 adapter to E-P2, ISO 800 at f/8.
  2. Bottom photo, substituting the ZD 50-200mm zoom for the OM 300mm and MF-1 adapter, zoomed to 200mm, ISO 400 at f/8.
The air this evening was pretty humid. The light from the full moon was bright enough to see thin clouds scattered across the sky. The images are not as sharp as I've been able to capture in the past due to the high humidity. Best time for this kind of photography is when the humidity is a lot lower, usually in the winter after a front has come through. My thoughts are still divided about keeping the OM 300mm. There was some purple fringing on the edge of the moon, but very minimal, and only if I pixel peeped. It's a shame I can't afford the Olympus 4/3rds SHG 2.8/300mm, but at US$7,000 it's not on my list of must-have camera gear. I only paid a modest $300 for the used OM 300mm. Sometimes I wish Olympus would have built an HG 4/300mm for 4/3rds. Maybe, just maybe, they'll produce a decent 4/300mm lens for ยต4/3rds.

I have a feeling I'm going to wind up purchasing a wide field telescope before all this is over. One thing I truly enjoy using this setup, and that's the Pen body (E-P2) with the VF-2 swiveled up for the eyepiece. It's like an electronic telescope. I'm wondering what it would be like to put a Pen like mine on the eyepiece of a real telescope. Or maybe the E-M5, with its swivel screen. It's a great way to observe the heavens as well as photograph it.


My beloved wife came by and said "Oh, you can see the bunny rabbit in the moon!" All this from the woman who has a doctorate from FSU. sigh


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