Frankenstein Camera System

There are times when I fail to leave well enough alone. With a mix of older Olympus Zuiko bodies and lenses from the OM era, combined with regular 4/3rds bodies and lenses as well as ยต4/3rds gear, I find I can mix and match up some very interesting combinations of bodies and lenses.

There will be a super moon tonight, and I wanted to play around a bit with trying to get a large clear image. So I've decided to shoot the moon tonight with an OM 4.5/300mm telephoto lens using an OM-1 adapter, mounted on an EC-14 teleconverter either on the E-3, or else, with an MMF-1 adapter, on the E-P2. The lens and EC-14 combination give me an equivalent 420mm 1:5.6 telephoto lens, which the 4/3rds sensor then multiplies to 840mm (or thereabouts, as the multiplier isn't quite 2x).

For testing purposes I chose to use an E-1 body in the back yard because it was lying next to me on my desk when I got this particular wild urge. I was looking to see what kind of detail the whole combination could resolve, which was why I trained it towards the screen. You can see the individual weavings as well as spots of dirt on the white paneling. Overall, I think this is pretty decent. I also think I need to replace the screening this year, but that's another issue.
Frankenstein Test Color
Frankenstein Test Black and White
Both of the images are from the same exposure taken of my screened-in back porch. I processed both in Lightroom 4.

For this set of images the 300mm was closed down to f/11. For the color image at top I pulled up shadows +30 and whites +50 to help pick up the detail a bit, especially the screen weaving. For the black and white I pulled the shadows in +50. While this impromptu experiment in the backyard was done on a ladder for support, tonight I'll use an official tripod. I'll also try this with the Zuiko Digital 50-200mm racked out to 200mm with the EC-14. This will give me an equivalent 280mm/560mm telephoto view.

I'm not so sure about the OM 300mm any more, as it shows tremendous purple fringing in high-contrast images all across the image. I'm waiting for the next release of Lightroom 4 because it's supposed to reduce purple fringing in software. If it doesn't work, I think I'll put the OM 300mm up for sale. But until then, here's hoping for good shooting tonight.


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