Life as a Series of Snapshots


Sometimes when you're sitting by yourself munching fast food you can see a table and two chairs and build a little vignette about them in your mind. Why are they empty? Who sat in them last? Two individuals alone, or two individual together? Why are the seats so shiney? And on and on. The mental equivalent of the fast food I'm munching on.


My informal science fair project with the flowers continues. They still live, and in fact the little plant has actually grown larger. It still flowers, and if you look closely you'll see a few dead flowers that have simply finished blooming. We've had a surprising large amount of rain recently, due probably to weak tropical storm Alberto that formed off of Jacksonville last week. When it finally moved out towards the Atlantic it pulled all the humidity with it and left us with a very dry and cool weekend. Now it looks like another tropical storm, Beryl, is forming out in the Atlantic and headed towards Savannah Georgia sometime this coming weekend. And then, to top it all off, there's another tropical disturbance trying to form down in the Keys. Looks like a busy and early hurricane season this year.


Love texture pictures/photos. Love sepia. Reminds me of pencil and pastel drawing, especially with burnt umber and terracotta colors. Earth tones. It all seems like a million years ago.


Late afternoon driving up to my nutrition class in Maitland. Crazy traffic, crazy lighting. Looking out through the bug-gut-smeared windshield (it's love bug season here in central Florida). Driving back after 7:30pm I was taken by the deep shadows and dramatic lighting all through the city. I'm spending one day of the three-day holiday tramping around with the µ4/3rds cameras, especially in the late afternoon in an attempt to capture some of that drama. Probably after I wash all the bug guts off the Prius.


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