Whole Foods

I stopped off at a Whole Foods after I photographed Palm Parkway this evening. I carried the E-P2 with the 45mm in with me as I always do. Along the way I discovered a number of soothing moments I felt worth recording on electrons.

Evening Flowers


I picked up a block of white chocolate for my wife, who loves white chocolate. Oddly enough I like mine very dark and in small amounts. My wife and I have wondered if this is "conflict chocolate" or not.

The California Delites are small citrus fruit the same size and color as mandarin oranges. The big difference, besides the $9/box cost, is the taste. These are some of the best tasting citrus fruit I've ever eaten, and I eat a log of Florida citrus.


All taken with the Olympus E-P2 and 45mm lens, post processed in Lightroom 4.


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