The Clinical Photographer

Clinical, in this case, as analytical or coolly dispassionate. I don't care about achieving an emotional attachment to my subject. How can one get emotionally attached to earth moving equipment ripping up and reshaping the landscape unless you stand back and document them ripping up and reshaping the landscape, converting once living land into something artificial and totally sterile?

Still Moving Dirt near Burger King

I'm no longer after the special lighting, that unique angle. I'm after proper exposure given the light I find myself in, and proper color balance, and proper sharpness to show detail. I'm after pulling detail out of highlights and dark shadows to better document the scene. I'm becoming the equivalent of the homicide photographer who arrives at the scene after the murder and makes sure to get clear if disturbing photographs of what happened.

Universal Construction

For all of that I really don't need a fancy Canon or Nikon or Sony or whatever. I need something reasonably fast, accurate, dependable and cost effective. With those basic requirements just about any brand and any camera model at the low end will do. Accuracy and clarity are my watchwords now. Everything else is accidental.


Olympus E-P2 with M.Zuiko 45mm. Post processing in Lightroom 4.


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