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A Day of Rage

Today was tax day in America. And I wrote a Large Check. Biggest one in my life to the U.S. Treasury. It was enough to (almost) make me become a Tea party member, where Tea stands for Taxed Enough Already.

And then they flew shuttle Discovery up to Washington so they could put it in a museum next to Dulles. I could have gone outside and and watched it fly overhead, but I expect working spaceships to be used as tools, not become museum pieces. I'm looking forward to April 30th and the launch of SpaceX's Dragon to the ISS. Go SpaceX!

And then finally is the story of Ted Nugent and his comments about the Obama administration. I love Ted, going back to his rocker days. And then, of course, there were the prissy Democrats who got all bent out of shape over what Ted said (see video below). And the Secret Service, which is investigating "any threats against the President." The same Secret Service that got caught with their dicks out of their pants in Columbia, embarrassing the President. So this is the Secret Service's way of trying to prove they're still competent and to draw attention away from their bad behavior. My damn tax dollars at work, eh?


  1. I also just sent Uncle Sam the largest check for additional taxes of my entire life. I ask myself "for what?". An educational system that is in shambles. Huge military spending. Increasing entitlement spending. A middle class that is disappearing. A space program that is evaporating. Government debt that is ballooning at over a trillion dollars a year.

    My daughter came home last week and said "you won't believe how much they took out of my paycheck this week. Almost all of my overtime is gone." She was furious.

    Do I hate Liberals? No. Do I hate Conservatives? No. What I hate is a huge, ever growing government that is overspending right and left and is taking more and more control and power over every aspect of our lives. The founders of this country warned of this and attempted to prevent it from happening. It's all about money and power.

    Enough of a rant. I am not happy after seeing so much of my hard earned money disappearing into the system.

    By the way. I have been enjoying your photography and your commentary. Keep up the good work:o)

  2. I have always believed that the biggest reform you could make to government is to move election day to April 15.

    You folks are upset now, but you will forget by November. And that is planned that way. It really isn't a coincidence that your taxes are due seven months before you are allowed to vote. Put these two events on the same day, and American politics would change forever.

  3. I doubt I'll forget by November. That's one reason I have this blog.

  4. Thank you so much for that Stranglehold post...all these years later, and it's still one of the greatest songs ever.

    I must have missed what horrid thing Ted N. said about the Dem's....all I heard is that if you want to change the status quo, you need to take action, which is a rallying cry of anyone who champions political involvement, on the right or left.

  5. Ha, like an elephant, my memories are long lived.


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