The Good We Do

It's too easy to be overwhelmed by what's wrong with the world and fail to notice what's right. One of the right things we do is to rescue an animal and give it a better home. When I was out today I came across the Orange County Animal Services mobile kennel. If you've spent any time reading my blog you know what a sucker I am for four-footed creatures such as cats (3) and dogs (2 Labs). I have an affinity for four-footed creatures far stronger than for any camera or lens. I felt compelled to step inside.

The Human Trap
Resting Brindle Puppy

Sure enough I found a little two-month-old brindle male pit bull named Lightning. Before you flinch over "pit bull", keep in mind that their negative reputations are due to how they're mistreated and raised by humans. I now know of many pit bulls that are as docile and loving as my Labs. When I look into a little guy's face like Lightning's I have to wonder who would be a cruel enough bastard to mistreat such an animal. The only concern I would have is trying to properly raise this little guy up with the rest of the critters at my house.

"You know, I was asleep."
Queued Up

In the short time I was there I noticed quite a few people walking in and then out with animals. And while I was there the bus interior was filled with folks looking and oohing and awing. I hope little Lightning found a home today, because he really had that look in his eyes where he wanted to find a person. Of course I had to show Lightning to my wife, who also oohed and awed and then said, no, we have enough.

I have to quite going into places like that.


  1. Oh my - what a look from those eyes. I think I'm digging your feelings Bill.

    Our "Tuna" chose us by the way. To a point that now we feel bad when we have to go for a day's leave. When we returned this evening, the cat came back soon enough and straight went to sleep in our room...


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