Why I still reach for the E-P2

Two generations - E-P2 on the left, OM-4T on the right, and over 20 years in between.

I've been less than thrilled lately with the Olympus Camera Company. Because of the way they've handled the regular Four Thirds camera line, releasing just one overly expensive regular Four Thirds body to placate the regular users while they've poured all their resources into the µFour Thirds side, they've burned up all trust I had in them. They made a business choice, and in the process left me out in the cold.

I had originally thought that they would keep regular and  µFour Third lines going as equals, eventually merging the two into one. Along the way I hoped they would provide good engineering solutions for the older design (Four Third) lenses and accessories to be easily integrated and used with the µFour Thirds bodies. But that's not how it's turning out.

So I'm left with a collection of bodies (an E-300, E-3, two E-1s and an E-P2), lenses, and accessories that are still quite functional.

What I've noticed is that of all the bodies I still have (an E-1, the E-3, and the E-P2; I gave the other E-1 and E-300 to my youngest daughter) I keep reaching for the E-P2.

Of all the bodies, the E-P2 is the closest in size and shape to my even older OM-4T. Even with the 35-70mm lens attached, the OM-4T's easy and fun to carry around. With both cameras it's easy for me to wrap one hand around the body with a lens attached.

The E-P2's the smallest, easiest to carry of the three digital camera bodies. With either the 17mm or the 14-42 collapsible lenses mounted it's a far tidier and lighter package than either the E-1 or E-3. It makes for a more practical package to carry, and it's far less obvious when in use.

Until such time as I become flush with cash and a competitive camera manufacturer releases a clearly affordable and superior model to what I currently have then I'll be kicking along with what I've already got. It's paid for and I know how it works. Right now, that's good enough.


  1. I feel similarly. I started with an OM1 and now only have an OM10. Its interesting to see how similar the form factor of the Panasonic G1/G2 cameras is to that old OM10


    but I still feel we're getting the raw end of the deal and we should be able to get cameras like the size of the pentax 110 (which shares the same size sensor as the 4/3)

  2. Same position here too. I have the E620 and a collection of those excellent lenses. What do they expect us to do now? Surely an E650 with no mirror and an embedded EVF would make an attractive concept to both 4/3 and u4/3 camps. Wake up Oly :-)


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