Keep the Cat, Give That Critic the Boot

I think, therefore I am ... a cat. (B&W)
Lucy contemplating worthless lower life forms, such as professional anti-cat photography critics.

There are certain photographers who seem to gleefully excoriate the poor Cat Photographer. Pity the hard working amateur who would dare to show a feline photograph to such a professional critic.

Lucy and I have had a number of conversations about the situation Cat Photographers find themselves in. She is of the opinion (one of many) that such critics are failed Cat Photographers. After all, she opines, those who can, photograph cats, while those who can't criticize those who can. She is also of the opinion (one of many) that a so-called bad photograph of any cat is far better than the best photograph of any other subject you care to name, unless, of course, it's another cat. And in her considered opinion (again, one of many) there is no such thing as a bad cat photograph, as any photograph of a cat is always a good photograph of a cat.


I was playing around with a loaner M.Zuiko 9-18mm UWA on my E-P2. Lucy was arrayed pretty much as you see her. At the moment of exposure she was cleaning between the toes of her paw. As luck would have it I happened to catch the moment when she'd stopped momentarily licking. Lucy had just paused in her cleaning to glare at me but still had her paw up and near her chin.


  1. Nice one, Bill - and how about a comment on that 9-18mm?


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