I'm Not With Stupid

I have to laugh. Tea Party supporters of Michele "I'm not a deep thinker" Bachmann are venting their spleens over what they believe was a an evil left-wing plot by Newsweek to pick a photo that would make her 'look crazy'.

Well, guess what. Randomly pick any photo of Michele out of the current pile of Bachmann photos and it would look crazy. There isn't a sane one to be found, anywhere.

She's the perfect poster child for the Tea Party, the same Tea Party that nearly pushed this nation into default, the same Tea Party that contributed to the downgrading of America’s sterling sovereign credit rating, and all the consequences that have followed. She's the ultimate result of decades of the dumbing down of the Republican party. They all are.

It doesn't take much to find evidence of Bachmann's gross crazed stupidity. Just search the web for all the crazy stupid quotes she's made to date. They remind me of all the George W. Bush quotes I used to read. Except Bachmann makes Bush look like a Rhodes scholar (or about as smart as his younger brother Jeb).

Here's an interesting list of some of Michele's finest.

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And a whole lot more... [LINK]


  1. Bill...

    With all due respect,and you know I respect you a lot, I think you are way off base here.

    I just don't understand the logic here. S&P downgraded our credit rating because we were borrowing huge amounts of money, and demonstrating absolutely no fiscal responsibility. They even said as much.

    S&P downgraded us for having too much debt. Debt grows from having annual deficits. And deficits are caused by either taxing too little, or by spending too much. S&P wanted to see the debt reduced by $4 trillion. They only got $2.5 trillion. Hence the downgrade.

    The rationale now is that we needed "more taxes to generate more revenue" and not spending cuts. Even though this has never worked before in our history, somehow the administration was convinced that raising taxes during a recession was a damn fine idea.

    The last president who tried this was Herbert Hoover in 1929, and it failed miserably, plunging us deeper into the Depression.

    Now, the Administration is spinning this tall tale that "S&P cut our credit rating because there was disharmony from the Tea Party Movement" as if full agreement to keep running $1.7 trillion deficits each year could have preserved our credit rating!

    If President Obama felt we needed higher taxes, then why didn't he ask Congress to raise taxes when he had that supermajority in both houses during his first two years?

    Instead, he waited until he lost the House, then actually asked Congress to extend the Bush Tax to prevent the economy from "losing another million jobs!" (Yes, he really said that).

    I just find it hard to believe that anyone can think the credit downgrade was somehow the fault of the Tea Party Movement for advocating spending restraint.

    If someone ran up all their credit cards, and the bank lowered his credit rating, would you blame his wife for nagging him to "stop charging so much?"

  2. "If someone ran up all their credit cards…"

    If a group of people decided to order lots of pizza for a party that they were having, placed the order, agreed to the price, and then got into an argument amongst themselves and refused to pay the delivery driver, would you blame the restaurant for demanding cash up front in the future?


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