Beta spotting: rhea upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 Beta 1

Well, I stuck my neck out again and upgraded rhea, running Ubuntu 7.10, with Ubuntu 8.04 using the command 'upgrade-manager -d'. And in spite of what the upgrade dialog says, it took twice as long to download and install everything.

So far, I've discovered that sound is broken (nothing will play) and Totem, because of the sound problem, will not play back any video. VLC works fine in its place. Everything else works as near as I can tell, especially Compiz. Rhea has the nVidia 7600GS video card, and the restricted drivers provided by Ubuntu work flawlessly with Compiz providing a smooth and satisfying experience.

As an experiment I booted rhea with the Ubuntu 8.04 beta live cd, and sound works. So something during the upgrade farkled up the sound. I have a number of choices at this point:
  1. Live with it and hope that future upgrades magically fix the sound problem without breaking anything else.
  2. Do a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04 beta and then accept the upgrades up until release.
  3. Re-install Ubuntu 7.10 yet again, gaining further experience in that arena.
  4. Accept greater risk and install openSUSE 11 alpha 3, thus moving back to the Dark Side.
Since it's Easter weekend (this is Good Friday), I'm going to punt and just let it ride through the weekend. After all gcc was upgraded to 4.2.3 (after it was discovered that 4.3.0 exposed a but in the kernel) and Java is at version 1.6.0_04 build 12. Playing with the shiney new tools will keep me happy for the time being.


  1. Bill,

    I am a recent "convert" to Linux generally and Ubuntu specifically. I am a non-geek; however my experience with Ubuntu 7.10 has been great. Your blog has been so informative concerning 8.04 alphas and now beta. I appreciate all your work. Thanks!


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