Alpha testing, Day 3: A whole slew of updates

One hundred sixteen updates were sitting in the update manager, ready to come barrelling on in. One update in particular (and one I looked for specifically) was for the kernel:
Version 2.6.24-12.20:

[Ben Collins]

* Enable CONFIG_SOUND at least, so alsa build in lum works
- LP: #200338
That one was good for a smile. Maybe sound will work again after the update.


Rebooted rhea after all the updates had been installed and discovered that the latest version of 2.6.24-12 is even worse than the prior release of 2.6.24-12. Not the sound, but the video. When rhea tried to come up in the graphic desktop it failed and I was left staring at the big 'you must configure the desktop' screen that currently passes for fixing a busted graphics subsystem.

Bugger that.

So I rebooted back into the slightly older but much more functional 2.6.24-11 kernel. Not much else exciting to report.


  1. Are you going to test each and every kernel update?

  2. If that translates into 'are you going to allow the installation of each and every kernel update that shows up via Update Manager', then I guess the answer is 'yes'.

    I mean, that's what alpha testing entails. And sooner or later I have to step up to the final release, and it sure would help if the final release Just Works, but it won't Just Work unless it's at least unwrapped, set upright, and plugged in and the light turned on by as many people as possible.

  3. Yeah that's what I thought. I've been reading your blog ever since I found it, first article that I read was "Ubuntu 7.10: Changing the look" on Tuesday 2 Oct 07. Keep up the blogging, I appreciate it.
    I'm running Ubuntu X64 on a Dell D820 and it's just great so far.


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