Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 5 - Problems with Compiz Fixed

Wouldn't you know it. Less than 24 hours after complaining about Compiz problems, I get a very nice comment giving me a very simple solution.

iGama said:
just add this 2 lines in xorg.conf , section Device :

Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"

Restart your X , and problem with Compiz/Beryl fixed :)
I did, and he's right, as you'll see below. Not to bite the hand that feeds me, but I hope this fix is the 'correct' fix, and that it's included in any future releases. It's so simple (at least for ATI cards like mine, a 9600).

Thanks, iGama!

The first screen capture shows three gterms and the system monitor. What's really nice is that the gterms have true transparency. If you enable gterm transparency without Compiz, the gterm simply maps the desktop image into its background. But now I can see everything under the gterm. More than just pretty eye candy, I can keep track of other dynamically updating applications (such as top, or something like Gmail in Firefox). Another nice feature is the three dimensional shadowing that also helps to distinguish windows on the desktop. It really adds a level of polish to the whole affair.

This is an example of Expose-like behavior, which I definitely like. Move the mouse to the upper right corner, and the overlapping windows resize and reorganize into smaller versions of themselves, making for easier selection. Again, very nicely done.


  1. Just happy I could help, i have a ATI 9200, so also add that problem in the beggining.

    I've made a post on my blog about Feisty also, some time ago, maybe you would like to read :


    I'm starting to work on an article for a online portuguese magazine presenting the new Ubuntu 7.04. When its ready, it will be in english available for all also.

    Also, another sugestion, I've noticed you have some articles about Ubuntu, why not join the Ubuntu User Planet?


    See ya ;)

  2. PS, just noticed another post of yours talking about the control panel.

    To activate the control panel again, open a Terminal, write :

    $ alacarte

    Go to System and activate it :D

    You always have the choice in Ubuntu.


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