a village for those who dream in color

a village for those who dream in color
It's a time of parody. A time of dark lies, a time of grand hypocrisy. I was in a really dark place on the way over. I'd heard on the radio how Florida is "officially" America's most corrupt state. Having lived here since 1984 I can see how that could have happened. Before hitting the road I read that not only is the U.S. responsible for Duqu and Stuxnet, but it's now officially responsible for Flame as well. And it's been working on all three for at least since 2009, if not early. And during all that time the U.S. was warning about "advanced persistent threats" from overseas threats, probably from China.

That's the grand hypocrisy part.

When I showed up at the former Orlando Arena to check out the ongoing demolition I got out with a pair of Pen cameras and walked around like some two-fisted photographic maniac. I was inspired. I was looking for the dark and dramatic. And I found enough to satisfy me, at least for the rest of the evening.
divine wreakage


  1. Bill,

    these are really dark. Thank you for giving us a wonderful lesson.

  2. I love your shots. I have always been drawn to black and white but your first shot is definitely a fine 'color' choice. The theme and pic are perfect. Don't get me going on the 'hypocrisy' part. It runs amok in our government and our society.


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