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Downtown Drama
These are photos taken during the golden hour, after a long day of working outside in the Florida heat and humidity. I've got another day of similar work tomorrow, but I'm going to start that day with an early morning visit to downtown to see how certain sections look with morning light.
Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center
The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center continues to rise into the air unabated. This is the first of the steel structure to go up. The forward section looks to be partially exposed when finished. Its part of the Lobbies that face Magnolia Street. If the structure comes anywhere close to the architect's renderings then this is going to be one helluva structure when it's finished.
Palm Parkway Construction 2 June 2012
During the early afternoon I drove back past the on-going bridge construction on Palm Parkway. This more mundane construction will have an impact on this area non-the-less, allowing traffic to flow across I-4 between Palm Parkway and International Drive. As you can see above the east-side retaining wall is going up, and fill-sand is being staged behind that.
Driving Through Yellow
I don't quite know what the deal is, but these little yellow flowers were deliberately planted as a strip down this section of Palm Parkway opposite the bridge construction area. And on that same side is a vacant fenced-in field, with what you can almost imagine are slow-roaming hotels in the distance.
Herded Hotels


Three cameras today: Olympus E-3 w/50-200mm, E-P2 w/20mm and E-PL1 w/14mm. Everything post-processed in LR4, with some further post processing in Silver Efex Pro 2.

Most of the time I either leave the photo as 4:3rds, or trim it 1:1. The very top photo I decided to crop 16:9. I like how it looks that way, with the extra junk (trees and what-have-you) trimmed neatly away, while taking advantage of the full width resolution of the sensor. I need to experiment more with 16:9. I like it.


  1. I agree about 16:9 - sometimes I set the camera to that, like I did in the Alps. Helps with composing.


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